This school is for you if:

  • You are sick of dieting but don't know of any other options.
  • You are afraid of emotionally eating, but don't know how to stop.
  • You are ready to put weight loss on the back burner if it means having food not consume your life.
  • You want to cope with stress without food, but that feels hopeless.
  • You want to actually enjoy food without feeling afraid, disgusted, or guilty.

Get the missing links to finally changing your relationship with food-for good.

What you don't need is more nutritional information or rules for eating and working out. You could probably write a book at this point with all you know about what you should eat, how much, when and why as well as demonstrate 5 different types of crunches. 

What you do need is someone walking with you hand in hand to guide you in how to use all of this information in a way that 1) won't make you go crazy and 2) actually makes you happier and healthier.

Online Lessons

How will you learn?!

The course has 8 sections, covering what eating *normally* looks like, body image improvement, how to get out of exercise ruts-and so much more. Lessons are delivered with a workbook, videos, podcasts, & recorded lectures from yours truly!

Where did I come up with this stuff?

ALL the information in this course is based upon peer reviewed research; experts in the fields of health, physiology, psychology; and philosophies of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.

Work through at your own pace, with lifetime access to the course, or along with a class for accountability!

Live Q+As with Dr. Davis

Ask all the questions and learn from what others are struggling with during live video Q+A meetings with Dr. Davis!

Can't make it live?

All meetings are recorded and accessible in the Q+A library so you don't have to miss a thing if the boss just insists on having that report right this minute even though you specifically blocked this time out on your calendar.


You know how it can be super lonely and feel like you are the only one who is struggling with this stuff?

That alone feeling is part of what keeps us stuck in the same old patterns.

Our community is warm, safe, and is a big part of what makes lasting change possible with this course.

Experience what it is like to let others see your struggle bus self and support others who are going through the same gosh darn thing you are.


"My whole mindset has changed toward food and the decisions I make. I’m trying to move from a mentality of rules, shoulds, and consequences to permission, outcomes, and self-compassion. I’m so much more at peace with food and less pre-occupied with food decisions."

"I feel so much less guilt since participating in Self Care: Mind Body. I am better able to identify facts from diet culture thoughts. I have identified “food rules” with which I was raised and selected which ones were worth keeping (shocker none of them made the cut). Today I have a healthier relationship with my body and food, one that works for me."

"Absolutely, hands down, yes I would recommend this class! The small group setting allowed me to heard my thoughts vocalized by others. It has given me a safe space to pick through and untangle three decades of thoughts on how I should look, my value based on my looks and what health is."

Where did this course come from?

Feeling stuck, frustrated, and disgusted with yourself is familiar to me. I've seen it time and again with my clients and I lived in that space personally for most of my life.

I created this course because I know what it is like to feel obsessed with food and how much this obsession makes it hard to get enjoyment from anything else in your life. I spent decades searching for the answer to fix my "weight loss problem." 

And I'm so grateful that I found it.

I created this course because I believe that people shouldn’t (and don't have to) feel alone in this struggle and can get out of the diet cycle with the right help.

I created this course because, time and again in my work with clients struggling with food, I was telling them the same things-and they were getting better. I wanted to get what I have learned about treating these issues into as many people's hands as possible and create a space where people could see that they are not alone, that others are going through the same things they are.

The information that I share in this course is from research based practices and philosophies from a variety of disciplines (throughout the course I share my resources!), namely Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.