Foundations of Self-Care Class: Mind Body

You aren't quite sure if you are ready to go all in on giving up dieting, but you are sick of being in the same place, with the same plan to "get healthy?"

Welcome, friend: there is a place for you here.

In Foundations, you will understand why you keep coming back to the same goal of losing weight and what keeps you stuck in this cycle-even though you hate it.
No pressure to change what you are doing-just better understand what is happening and why!

Don't worry, if you learn all this and decide you want to stop dieting-we can hop you over to Master Class to learn how to change at any point :)

Self-Care: Mind Body Master Class

Oh, you are ready to kick dieting to the curb and cannot wait One. More. Second?!

Welcome to Master Class:)

This is your course if you want it all-to understand why you can't get out of the diet cycle and learn how to change your relationship with food, your body, and movement for good.

Here, you get:

  • Monthly Q+A sessions with Dr. Davis
  • How-to guides for emotional and binge eating
  • Private online community support

Plus course workbook & lifetime access to online curriculum!